Lumpy Waters takes place in and around Pacific City, Oregon USA. Northern Oregon coast is EPIC. With great swell, long roomy surf beaches, massive rocky capes, arches, and caves up and down the coast, this region attracts many rough water paddlers from far and wide. When you combine those exposed open water venues with some of the tranquil and scenic bays and rivers in the immediate area you get a little something for EVERYONE.  The event headquarters is directly across from the main surf beach which is situated suspiciously near The Pelican Pub.  Pacific City and the rest of the N. Oregon Coast is a classroom like none other.  Whether it’s the thrilling beauty of the coastline or the dynamic thrill of the waves that draws you in…You’ll come for thrills and leave with skills! Check out the list of venues below

Tillamook Bay

The bay is a great place for a tour even on big swell days, plus the grouping of rocks near the entrance is the perfect beginner rock gardening classroom.

3 Arch Rocks

This impressive group of features can be seen for miles up and down the coast.  As the name would suggest, 3 massive arches (in addition to a speckling of rocks, slots, and passageways)  make up this iconic sea kayaking cathedral that stands offshore just south of Cape Mears .  It can be accessed only part of the year and when conditions are at their best.

Ocean Side

Here we have good access to fun waves with beautiful surroundings.  This little coastal community offers free parking, restrooms and an easy walk to the water.  (during high tide)

Netarts Bay

This bay can be great fun on the right days.  Tide has a large influence on conditions here, but inside the bay is fairly protected.  The mouth of the bay is dangerous at times. Great caution should be used here especially on the ebb

Cape Lookout

A favorite landmark along the coast, this enormous remnant of an ancient lava flow stretches out into the sea.  It’s protruding stance makes it a favorite whale watching spot but also offers  some amazing sea caving on days with small swell.

Whalen Island

This small tidal bay estuary opens up to the sea and often provides great long boat surfing opportunities.  As a coastal river mouth extra caution should be used here to avoid strong ebb currents.

Nestucca Bay

The gentle backwaters of Nestucca Bay offers us a very scenic backdrop for tours and flat water skills training.

Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda

This is the signature surf beach at the event.  Most people stay at the Cape Kiwanda RV Park where the event headquarters is located.  Surf, rocks, caves and the pub!  This spot pretty much has it all, and it’s ALL within walking distance!

Cascade Head

A flat water launch into Salmon River provides a pleasant start to what is always an exciting day out at the head.  MASSIVE caves, arches, tunnels, and pour-overs exist all over this place.  It’s a playground for more advanced students as emergency landing zones are very few and far between as sheer cliffs meet the power of the pacific.

(The descriptions above are completely conditions dependant.  Weather and sea conditions can change drastically on the OregonCoast over a short period of time.  These are to be used as general reference to give you an idea of the rich diversity of paddling venues we can utilize over a relatively small area close to Pacific City , OR .  Coaches and other event staff are prepped on conditions prior to the event, but we also encourage students and other participants to keep an eye on the forecast as the event approaches and prepare accordingly.)


Cancelation Policy: For all Lumpy Waters reservations there is a non-refundable $100 deposit required.  The Pacific Northwest is a dynamic and often unpredictable environment. All activities are run/fun rain or shine. All programs are conditions dependent and may change at any time at our discretion. In order to keep our programs affordable a minimum number of participants may be required. If we are unable to fill a program to a minimum requirement level we reserve the right to cancel the program.

If you need to cancel, please do so by October 1st to receive a 50% refund. After October 1st there will be no refunds but store credit for future classes will be awarded. Transfers will be discussed and accommodated to the best of our ability.