Roger Schumann


Eskape’s co-founder, owner and primary instructor, Roger is an American Canoe Association Instructor Trainer Educator in Level 5: Advanced Open Water (the ACA’s highest level of certification) who has been teaching sea and river kayaking since 1990. He is known nationally for his many articles in Sea Kayaker magazine, and he is also the award-winning co-author of two books on kayaking: Sea Kayaking Central and Northern California: Best Trips From Morro Bay To The Lost Coast (winner of a National Outdoor Book Award) and Sea Kayak Rescue. A California native, he grew up along, and often in, the Pacific Ocean surfing, sailing, snorkeling and eventually sea kayaking. A trained naturalist, he also teaches marine natural history field-study courses for Prescott College, and is a regular speaker at various kayaking events and symposia across the country. For the past 15 or so years he’s taught classes and led kayak expeditions all over the world from Alaska to the Galapagos and from Baja to Brazil.