Marcel Bieg


I owe so much to paddle sports; my character, passions, personality, relationships and even my life. I have always believed in a balanced life so for me if I owe something or someone one I better make good on it. This may be by repaying my teachers by continuing their teachings, honoring a mentor by becoming a mentor, or simply trying to convey the joy I have felt within an activity to others who could grow their lives through the activity.

This is why I am so dedicated to Experiential Education and kayak Instruction. I want not only to provide people the opportunity to learn to paddle, but ultimately learn to grow as people, individuals and within their community. The best way for me to do this and insure success for these individuals is learning how to be the best teacher I can be. The ACA has provided me with the tools to be a paddle instructor and the rest of my education has provided me with the knowledge to be a reasonable life instructor. Together I have been able to use paddle sports as the mechanism for growth.


I feel so much passion is missing in our world today due to several factors. I believe art, dance, science, and nature can all aid in reviving some of this passion. Paddle sport is my main instrument in reestablishing this idea and love for life. By insuring that I am teaching to the highest standards of quality has aided in planting this passion in so many students; many of which I would have never connected with without the experiences I have had through my own paddling path.