Ethan Boswell


A three year coach & member of Team Alder Creek, Ethan hails from the desert valleys of Arizona and grew up in the outdoors. Unfortunately, water was sparse and so he was relegated to land-based sports. That all changed when he was 14, on a trip to Chile’s mighty Rio Futaleufu where he enjoyed whitewater rafting and began to learn the art of whitewater kayaking.. 7 years of progression later and finally fed up with the slim pickings, Ethan decided to make a change; and so he moved port and came to rest in the lush forests, snowy peaks, and pristine rivers and lakes of the Pacific Northwest. And let us not forget the ocean! As Ethan is coming to learn, there is more to the world of paddling than whitewater. But his lack of experience isn’t stopping him from sharing his enthusiasm for the water.