Cate Hawthorne


Cate is a high energy person who loves sharing her passion for learning and the outdoors with others. Cate has several K-12 teaching credentials and a masters’ degree in education.  After 13 years working in public schools, Cate moved her teaching talents from the classroom to the water.  She teaches and guides sea, whitewater, and surf kayaking on the Mendocino Coast through Liquid Fusion Kayaking.  When not kayaking, Cate is likely to be mountain biking, hiking or running in the forest.  Cate is an avid birder, connoisseur of wild mushrooms, and writer.  She is an ACA certified whitewater and sea kayak instructor, wilderness first responder, and is a Lieutenant in the Tsunami Rangers.  Check out her blogs Woman on Water and Liquid Fusion Kayaking.