Bob Nash


  • Kayaking since 1988 when I became a NAUI dive instructor and started using ocean kayak sitontops as a part of the dive class in Monterey.
  • First formal kayak class from George Gronseth in early 2000’s and have taken classes from Bob Burnett, Shawna Franklin, Nigel Foster, Jeff Laxier
  • BCU 3 Star in Angelsey, Wales 2015 Mark Tozer
  • BCU 4 Star in Oregon 2016 John Carmody, Mark Tozer
  • BCU 5 Star training 2017 Hobuck John Carmody, Steve Maynard
  • BCU Core Coach 2018 Seattle Todd A Johnstone-Wright
  • ACA Level 3 Coastal Kayak skills  Jason Learned 2019
  • Assisted WKC (Rhonda Schwab Basic class and Coastal Clinic 2014-present
  • Short term goal is to pass BCU 5 star and BCU Sea Kayak coach along with ACA L3 ICE (May  2019) and L4 ICE
  • I work for REI as a programmer for the past 20 years.